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UCE Ultrasonic Factory

uce factory

UCE company full name is Ultrasonic Components and Equipment who is one of leading company specialized in ultrasonic field located in Beijing,China. We are always committed to make the easy way for all of our user while they used ultrasonic,and do all necessary technology support.

At UCE,Ultrasonic transducer,Ultrasonic generator,Ultrasonic cleaner,Piezoelectric ceramic,PCB ultrasonic generator,piezo ceramic,high power ultrasonic system,ultrasonic cleaner for industry,high power ultrasonic cleaning transducer,piezoceramic element,ultrasonic reactor and ultrasonic equipment,High power sonochemical system are our main service purpose,the Productsare the best quality with best price,also excellent sale service for you always. More…

"Advancing in the technology of ultrasonic transducer and piezo ceramic with making an easy ultrasonic way for you "

UCE Profile:Piezoelectric ceramic and Ultrasonic Component with equipment.

ultrasonic Transducers

UCE ultrasonic co.,Ltd specialized in producing high quality ultrasonic Transducers,difference frequency with power could meet your applications for ultrasonic cleaning,ultrasonic welding ,drilling or polishing.also atomizing,beauty machine etc.in the water treatment,medical,food,chemical etc field could be widely used. More…

piezoelectric ceramic

UCE ultrasonic co.,Ltd specialized in producing high quality piezo ceramic . Those piezo ceramic can be used in ultrasonic transducer for cleaning,ultrasonic cleaner,Ultrasonic generator,ultrasonic welding machine,ultrasonic fish finder,ultrasonic flow meter,humidifier or ultrasonic beauty and piezo ceramic tube transducer etc. More…

Ultrasonic generator

Ultrasonic generator (hereinafter referred to as generator) is actually a power signal generator, it produces a certain frequency sinusoidal (or similar sinusoidal) signals, ultrasonic generator development and is closely related to the development of power electronic devices in general can be divided into tubes, analog transistor. More…